Aerospike Client APIs – Features Cheat Sheet

This was supposed to be a follow-up post to my tweet ( from few weeks ago. But then I thought to myself why not make the post a little more generic and shed some light on Aerospike Client APIs in general vs writing just about the Aerospike Node.js Client. So here it is… My Approach I’ve taken a different approach here than merely listing the APIs. Instead, I’ve summarized them within an application context. I’ve taken application features of a Twitter-like app as an example — because it is easy to follow and most people can relate to — and mapped them to Aerospike Client APIs. Objective This should give you a high-level overview of some of the most important and widely used Aerospike Client APIs and how they might apply to application features. Overview of Aerospike Client APIs: Key-Value Operations Secondary Indexes Equality and Range Filter Queries User Defined Functions (Record UDFs and Stream UDFs) Aggregations Imagine Twitter-like App… Imagine Twitter-like App… Imagine Twitter-like App… Ok, I just wanted to get you in the Twitter-like App mind set before we proceed. Here Are Some Twitter-like App Features: Create User and Tweet Records Retrieve User and Tweet Records Update User […]