Web App with Go and Aerospike

This is my first stab at Go programming language and I have to admit that the initial experience has been quite different from when I learned PowerBuilder (What’s that, right? Google it.), Java, C#, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js and other web technologies. In any case, I do want to share a simple and straightforward web app I have put together in Go that uses Aerospike as the database. This app: Connects to the Aerospike database Allows you to enter name on a web page Stores the name you entered into the Aerospike database Reads the name back and displays it on the web page like so “Hi Dash!” In the coming sections we’ll look at the code snippets but you may also download the source from GitHub Before we dive into code though, here’s how I’ve structured it: Aerospike configuration is stored separately in a config file The two views are in their own html files The main executable program is coded within a separate file Just enough separation of code that I thought would be helpful. Step 1: Install Go Step 2: Install Aerospike Database Step 3: Install Aerospike Go Client Create a new folder (e.g. go-aerospike-app) for this new […]