Web App using Java, Aerospike, Play and Scala

Recently I was exposed to Play Framework, by one of my favorite evangelists James Ward during his session at OSCON, and it looked cool so I decided to take the framework for a spin. The end result — a simple To-Do web app built in JASPS as in Java, Aerospike, Play and Scala. Note: Working knowledge of Java, Scala, Play Framework and MVC pattern for writing web applications is expected. Alright, let’s get to it! The application itself is simple (as if that needs clarification in case of a To-Do app!) and does not necessarily solve a “problem” but the purpose of it is to show how you may use these technologies to build an app. One other piece of technology I’ve used is Activator which helps in building reactive apps. I also want to point out that the app is coded to be a single-user app — in order to keep it dead simple and focus more on technologies used. Ok, where’s the code? The entire working solution as well as instructions on how to quickly get the app up and running are available on GitHub So why this post? Well, I want to highlight a few things that […]